I live in the suburbs of Washington D.C., when I was younger I spent some time in Padua, Italy where my father is from. While there I had the chance to learn about antique and restoration of wooden furniture through my family's business. When it was time to return back to the United States, I entered into the University of Maryland with an unspecified degree; I took courses on linguistics, political science, Chinese calligraphy, world literature...It was all interesting; but nothing would provoke my interest like art would. Studying art was a competitive, dogged, and passionate field which fit in with my nature. I simply fell in love, and graduated with a degree in Fine Art.

In retrospect, I've always been captivated by artistry, craftsmanship, and the methods in which things are made. Now I enjoy art because its ever illusive and it's a challenge. I forever study my contemporaries because I want influence.

I interchange working with different mediums; be it acrylics, watercolors, gauche, oils, lithography, mono printing, and dry point. I would refer to my style as abstract illustrations mixed with neoexpressionism.

Recently, I just finished a series of mono prints using different approaches. The process was fun and gratifying as I learned manipulate the medium in a way that I intended. Currently, I'm focusing on oil paintings and studying color pallets.

I believe in inspiring others to create art and have donated many pieces to national nonprofit associations.

When I'm not painting, you can find my head buried in a books - be it biographies, science fiction and fantasy, investing, and of course any genre that involves art and creating.